Needs Analysis

Mostly the writer will need to take information that will be provided (see parentheses in notes below) and arrange in a clear and concise way with all references (APA style) and address the challenges in making changes -see last part of instructions to address this.

Provide introduction and rationale on issue provided to the writer. in problematizing, use evidence (citations) to support 1) what the problem is, 2) why one should care, and 3) what the impact of this problem is. Then, make the case for why change (your solution) is needed. (This is already completed and will be provided to the writer)
Then propose a solution to the problem. Use evidence to support why the solution you are proposing is well-suited to address this problem. (This will be provided to the writer)
o You should use at least 5 sources of evidence for your outlined/proposed solution. Your solution should be supported by examples of evidence (e.g., academic case studies, prior academic research/literature, manuals, resources with measurable outcomes or findings, etc.) (Some sources will be provided to the writer)
When thinking and writing about the stakeholders related in the project, identify both internal and external stakeholders. Include those who will be directly impacted by your change project as a stakeholder. Also include those whose helps you think you need (those you need to enroll) to make your change project successful. Try to think about all possible stakeholders, but focus on writing about those you’ve identified as being most important to your specific project. (Stakeholder will be provided to the writer)
Be sure to write out your assumptions about what each stakeholders’ needs are, and where they might be resistant or hesitant to help. Include ideas you have about overcoming some of these hurdles or resistance. Cite resources to support, as it makes sense. Mostly the writer needs to take information that will be provided and incorporate into the paper. The paper should be 5-6 pages, However, most of the writing will be provided for the writer to add to this assignment.

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