Neer Perfect Assignment

1. Evaluate systems life cycle concepts

2. Propose the implementation of health information systems.

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Students will utilize the Neehr Perfect EHR for this assignment. Prior to the assignment, students will need to complete some introductory activities in order to become familiar with the product.

Students should complete or have completed the following activities. These do not have to be uploaded as an assignment.

a. Neehr Perfect Scavenger Hunts Levels I – III (These should have been done in Week 1. You can find the links under Week 1 materials.)

Assignment: Neehr Perfect–Introduction to Clinical Reminders

Once these are completed, you should have the tools to complete the Introduction to Clinical Reminders. To access the assignment, click here Click for more options


Additional Resources

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Click for more options

Introduction to Clinical Reminders Click for more options

Neehr Perfect: Introduction to Clinical Reminders Rubric–questions 1-10, 12-16, 23-24, and 26-28 are worth 3 points each; questions 11 and 22 are worth 4 points each; and questions 17-21, and 25 are worth 2 points each.

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