Please Answer all below listed 9 Qs from attched slide

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Consider our discussion of approaches to resolving disputes.

-Define the three alternative foundations for a negotiation and explain the differences between them.

-List four factors to be used in deciding which of the alternative foundations should be used and describe each one.

-Think about your personal experience in a salary or job interview negotiation. Apply the concepts of BATNA and Reservation Price to analyze the outcome of this negotiation.

Consider our discussion of various negotiation strategies and techniques in the negotiation at Melos.

-What four strategies were available to the Melians? Analyze how each of these could have been applied by the Melian ambassador.

-Critique the Melian negotiating strategy. Would you say that their failure resulted from a poor choice of foundation, a poor choice of strategy, or other factors?

Closing and implementing the deal are key to successful negotiations.

-Define three or more key factors to consider before closing a deal. Which of these factors do you consider most important? Why?

-Consider the position of Arwa’sboss in the salary negotiation. Analyze your options for closing the deal with Arwa. What techniques would you favor? What techniques would you want to avoid?

Negotiations occur in cultural contexts.

-Consider each of the basic negotiation strategies and analyze how Saudi culture (however you choose to define it) might create advantages or disadvantages for Saudis negotiating with American counterparts.

-What guidance about strategy would you give Saudis when they negotiate with Americans? Explain your recommendations.

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