Nurse Interview | Nursing Term Paper

  1. Select your interviewee early in the course to schedule and conduct an interview. This individual must be a Registered Nurse employed in a leadership role as a Nursing Quality Expert. Job titles of RNs who may be considered include, but are not limited to: Quality Care Coordinator, Performance Improvement Officer/Coordinator, Director of Quality Assessment, Compliance Officer, Safety Director, Regulatory Officer/Director, Risk Management Officer. If you have any concerns about whether the RN is “suitable” for this assignment, contact your faculty BEFORE you schedule and conduct the interview.
  2. Review all areas on the Interview Form PRIOR to conducting the interview. You may print the form and take it with you to the interview. However, you may not give it to the individual and ask him or her to complete it and return it to you.
  3. If possible, review the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
    • Collaborate with Nursing Quality Expert to evaluate the outcomes of a new practice guideline and steps to implement changes
    • Discuss the Nursing Quality Expert’s strategic plan as it relates to The Institute of Medicine’s Quality initiatives and ONE of the following core competencies.
  4. Prior to conducting interview, review two scholarly resources related to ONE aforementioned core competencies upon which you plan to focus. These resources should guide your interview process and understanding of the Nursing Quality Expert’s role and responsibilities as it relates to the selected core competency
  5. Note that practice impact must be addressed by YOU in your paper, and is a very important criterion.
  6. Conduct the interview. The length of your interview will vary but should not exceed one hour.

Criteria for success:

1. All elements of the rubric will be satisfied.

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2. Write-up will contain no spelling or grammatical errors.

3. Title page, citations and references will be written according to APA.

4. There is a clear indication that you have asked specific, detailed questions and included follow-up questions when necessary.

5. Your summary is indicative of learning on your part in regard to the purpose of the study.

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