nutrition 2

In 150 words or more, answer the following questions:

Questions to Answer and What I Expect:

  • What is your experience with dieting? What worked and what didn’t? Were you able to lose weight AND keep it off?  If you don’t have first-hand experience with dieting, then interview someone who does. 
  • Read the individual success stories of the National Weight Control Registry: National Weight Control Registry Success Stories  What worked and what didn’t?
  • Visit the research findings of the National Weight Control Registry.  In your own words, discuss the proven strategies for successful weight loss.

What I expect:

Defend your statements with at least two references from the National Weight Control Registry.  For full credit, substantiate all of your posts with examples from the text and/or your research and give references following APA style.  Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are expected.

The Discussion opens on Sunday and closes the following Sunday at 11:59PM. You must post no later than Wednesday at midnight, read at least 10 posts and reply to at least 2 other posts in in approximately 50 words for each response no later than Sunday at midnight.

Late posts are not accepted. In Lieu of late posts, only 6 out of 8 Lesson Discussions will count towards your final grade in the course. Your 2 lowest discussion grades will be dropped at the end of the term.

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