of the following correctly rationalizes the increase in atomic radii down and to the left on the periodic table, based on what we discussed in class?…

Which of the following correctly rationalizesthe increase in atomic radii down and to theleft on the periodic table, based on what wediscussed in class?1. Because the elements are easier to ionize, they have a larger electronegativity, andtherefore their electron affinity is not suffi-cient to reduce atomic radii.2. As you move to the left across a period,decreasing ENC means the outer electronsare less tightly held and can move furtherfrom the nucleus. As you move down a group,the electrons occupy orbitals that are furtherfrom the nucleus.3. The elements are simply larger due tomore protons and neutrons.4. None of these. Atomic radii increase upand to the right.5. Larger elements have an increasing proportion of d and f orbitals, which are intrinsically larger than all of the s and p orbitals.6. The periodic table was set up to groupatoms by size to facilitate comparisons.

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