People v. Martin Supreme Court

The goal of the Mock Trial Memorandum Assignment:

The objective of the Mock Trial Memorandum Assignment is to write an analytical, objective evaluation of the evidentiary strengths and weaknesses of both sides- the prosecution and the defense. Use the entire mock trial packet, including the prosecution and defense witness statements and exhibits. Assume that you are the lead attorney is familiar with each witness statement and that you are writing this memorandum to inform and highlight the critical information for an attorney who will be assisting you at trial. [Hint: DON’T copy the witness statements. DON’T just repeat the witness statements. DO focus on the relevant evidence. For example, don’t bother with the expert witnesses’ educational backgrounds in the memorandum
and DO focus on the expert witnesses’ findings and methods.]

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Prosecution’s Case-in-Chief / Prosecution’s Evidence and Witnesses:

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s witnesses.
For each prosecution witness, identify the evidence that the
prosecution witness will present against the defendant and explain
how the prosecution will tie the evidence in proving the
defendant’s guilt(e.g., motive, method, etc.).

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