Deliverable: A table and answer to the question on page 2 below. Provide the table and answer in a word document limited to two pages single-spaced maximum (10 point font, 1 inch margins). Material limited to that in the case report only.

Work with others: Discuss with your fellow students but provide your own individual reports.

2 Assignment questions:

  1. Make a summary table of PepsiCo’s growth actions using the example below. Column 1 is rows of the names of the product lines/organizations that reflected growth or reduction actions (make a row for each one); 2 is the growth action type, column 3 lists the resources involved with the particular action and columns 4-6 is your explanation of whether the action in column 1 and resources in column 3 are consistent with the recommendations provided by the authors in Chapter 1 for Questions 1-3 (Figure 1-1). Bullet points are fine. Explain – a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is not a complete answer. Adding “why” is needed.

Note that the answers for columns 4-6 require a comparison of the product lines/organizations resources in column 3 with those in place at PepsiCo.

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Column 6

Name of product line/organization

Growth/reduction action

Resources involved from organization in Column 1

Is the approach best as per Question 1(“Are Your Internal Resources Relevant?”

Is the approach best as per Question 2 (“Are the Targeted Resources Tradable?”

Is the approach best as per Question 3 (“How close do you need to be with Your Resource Partner?”

Company A


Culture, knowledge, people

Company B

Internal innovation

Synergies of network and distribution relationships

  1. Consider PepsiCo’s growth (and reduction) approaches as a collective set. Are they more consistent with an effective or an ineffective growth strategy as per the authors? Why?


Grades will focus on the use of class concepts, the accuracy and development of answers, and professionalism of report. See PPT slides for additional specification (e.g., Q1 is worth 75%, Q2 is worth 25%).

Answers with non-case material will receive no credit.

Late reports, defined as those submitted after the class discussion of the case report begins, will not be accepted.

See syllabus for letter grade criteria and requirements.

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