Persuasive Speech Outline

Use the Problem-Solution Outline Template  Download Problem-Solution Outline Templateor the Monroe’s Motivated Persuasive Speech Outline Template  Download Monroe’s Motivated Persuasive Speech Outline Templateto create your Outline for next week’s Persuasive Speech.  You can also find the Template in Instructional Resources in Week 4 and the Week 4 Lecture. Make sure to check out the EXAMPLE Speech and Outline in the Week 4 Instructional Resources and Lecture as well.

Outlines should be submitted as a Word Document attachment.

  • Reference Page: Any speech that utilizes outside sources will require a reference page.  (Meaning, only if all the materials of your speech came from first-hand experience would you not need a reference mage, i.e. how to perform a task you complete on a regular basis for your job).  If you bring in facts, statistics, quotes, etc. you will need a reference page. These should be completed using APA

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