PMT 252 (Previously PMT 251) 1) Your contractor is overtasked with projects at the moment, which has led to a delay in turning in deliverables.

PMT 252 (Previously PMT 251)

1) Your contractor is overtasked with projects at the moment, which has led to a delay in turning in deliverables. They plan to shift some of that work to subcontractors, which you have agreed to, but warn that there may be quality issues as a result. What would be an appropriate action to tracking and managing this issue?

   Feed the information back to previous process steps.

   Adjust planned costs as appropriate.

   Review progress on the issue at regular intervals until the issue is resolved.

   Examine potential changes in the issue along with potential associated risks.

2) Which phase is described as the following: “During this phase, an acceptable risk program schedule is developed early in the program, including an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and risks in the Request for Proposal (RFP), and assessing contractors’ Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) IMS proposals during source selection.”?

   Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA)

   Production and Deployment (P&D)

   Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)

3) What does the Program Risk Process (PRP) Document do?

   It documents the Department of Defense (DoD) RM policies.

   It documents to contractors how to implement risk mitigation.

   It informs the program’s risk management (RM) approach.

   It documents the program risks in a single database.

4) During Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD), risks should be identified related to critical manufacturing process and key product characteristics in multiple risk areas including which of the following?


   Technical risk

   Integration and interdependency


5) A development effort for an existing data infrastructure system requires a contract for cybersecurity consultants to identify current weaknesses to the system. Due to numerous delays in awarding the contract, the awardee has communicated that there is a 50% chance that staff may begin to leave the project, resulting in a loss of $90,000 in staff replacement, security clearance, and training costs. Based on the likelihood and consequence table, what are the appropriate likelihood and consequence values?

LevelProbability of OccurrenceSchedule ImpactCost Impact1>1% to ≤20%Minimal or no schedule impact ( <5 days)<$20,0002>20% to ≤40%Able to meet key dates (1 – 4 weeks)$20,000 – <$100,0003>40% to ≤60%Minor schedule slip, able to meet key milestones (≥4 weeks – 3 months)$100,000 – <$150,0004>60% to ≤80%Significantly impacts ability to meet key milestones (≥3 months – 4 months)$150,000 – <$200,0005>80% to ≤99%Schedule slip requires major schedule rebaselining (>4 months)≥$200,000

   L = 4; C = 3

   L = 3; C = 2

   L = 2; C = 2

   L = 3; C = 3

6) Your program has ordered parts from a manufacturer whose employees are strongly threatening to go on strike. Since this would delay your program significantly, your team is considering other manufacturers. Which mitigation strategy does this represent?





7) Within a program, which of the following entities implements the mitigation plan?

   Risk Owner

   Program manager (PM)

   Program Executive Officer (PEO)

   Risk Working Group

8) Which of the following is a responsibility of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) during the risk management (RM) process?

   Review and validate identified program-level risks.

   Identify and submit candidate risks while supporting execution of the RM process.

   Identify the need for RM training for IPT personnel.

   Determine whether new or updated risk analyses and mitigation plans are adequate.

9) Based on the results of a simulation, there is a 75% chance that the project will end three weeks behind schedule. Using the table provided, what would the cumulative schedule risk be, based on a three calendar week schedule delay?

LevelProbability of OccurrenceSchedule Impact10% to 19%0 to 5 days220% to 39%6 to 10 days340% to 59%11 to 15 days460% to 79%16 to 20 days580% to 100%21 to 25 days

   Probability 4; Schedule Impact 3

   Probability 4; Schedule Impact 4

   Probability 4; Schedule Impact 5

   Probability 5; Schedule Impact 4

10) You are managing a base realignment program that includes expanding facilities at the “surviving” base. Your contractor has proposed a more eco-friendly, community-focused, and aesthetically pleasing living quarter design that also reduces materials costs and schedule requirements. However, some on your team have concerns that the plans may draw criticism from higher officials for their trendiness and focus on green issues. Are the proposed plans a risk or an opportunity?

   Not enough information



   Neither risk nor opportunity

11) Which of the following is a good example of a framing assumption (FA)?

   Commercial production at the contractor’s facility will not drop below 85% of current levels, keeping overhead costs manageable.

   The contractor will demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding of the system.

   The contractor will be able to source materials at the rates specified in the contract.

   Equipment will not experience damage due to excessive heat, sand, or salt water spray.

12) The following describes which source of potential risk: The program development team uses an intranet to exchange documents between multiple centers. The Information Technology (IT) team reported that the system has received over 7,000 attempted security break-ins in the last two weeks alone.

   External Factors




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