Policy Analysis and Critique

1. Recognise and critique social ideologies and theories which shape public spending on health and aged care and health policy development;
2. Develop and utilise insight into the relationships between politics and power in the construction of health and aged care policy;
3. Explore the concept that interest groups exert power and influence in the area of health and aged care policy formulation;
4. Examine significant historical, structural and environmental factors which affect health and aged care policy development and translation;
5. Consider the global evolution of health and aged care policies and the organisational patterns of health and aged care services, with respect to the World Health Organisation�s commitment to Primary Health Care;
6. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical and legal dilemmas and constraints involved in formulating and enacting health and aged care policies;
7. Examine the impact that social, health and aged care policies have on disadvantaged groups in society;
8. Undertake a critique of workplace practices that are bound by policy.

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