Porter 5 Forces Analysis of Ford

Students are required to submit a two (2) page, single-spaced integrated summary and analysis of the weeks readings as they pertain to one or more themes detected.  Sometimes an article will be completely relevant to the subject addressed in lectures and at other times only one sentence or a casual reference will have meaning to you. 

The format for these Position Papers is in the tradition of Hegels Dialectic: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.  Thesis is a position regarding a proposition or interpretation of an event or policy or theory.  Antithesis is the opposing position that contradicts the Thesis but does not negate it.  Both perspectives here are possible.  The Synthesis tries to resolve the contradiction in a middle ground that allows for both interpretations to have at least partial validity.

The intention of these assignments is to have the student integrate learning from various sources (i.e. the assigned readings from the Course Timetable (following), other course readings and incidental exposure to current events).  Should the student wish to go further than the assigned readings, they are encouraged to do so.  Please include any articles referenced with your submission.

FATAL FLAW: Reports will be subject to a Fatal Flaw assessment policy.  Any submission with more than 3 errors of grammar, spelling or format will receive a grade of 1. 


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