portfolio milestone 10

Submit a brief outline of your Portfolio Project. Use one of the CSU-Global Library’s Outline Templates (Links to an external site.)Links to an external siteto organize your project ahead of Module 8. Indicate which option you’ve selected from the choices listed in the Module 8 Portfolio descriptions; then complete the outline accordingly.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Dear writer , my chosen topic for this aasignent will discuss “Pregnant women on drugs”. The topic is of interest to me because, I want to understand the effects that illicit drug consumption has on pregnant women, the fetus, and the society. My research questions are: What are the type of drugs consumed? How do they harm the pregnancy? What can females do to protect their unborn babies? How can they keep them safe from illegal drugs? What professional assistance can be acquired for both the affected mother and child? I have provided two templates for you to use, please choose one. I have also attached the instutions to my final project, I have chosen option # 2.


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