Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis.. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA

1. Needs to be completely (100%) original work; I use copyscape, and an additional third party checker.


2. & 3. It must be completed by no later than 7 P.M. Eastern Stadard Time today/tonight (07/27/2013), and I need to get a 100 and/or a very near perfect score on it, so that means the paper needs at least one APA reference – with a clear link to it (One reference is fine for me).


Moreover, there is about eight hours from this initial posting, to get this done, and that is why I am offering so much (Since it is a bit of a rush job). Yet, it is ot that hard, so I think it is fair. In addition, there are quite a few papers, floating aroud, online that could be used as a template and/or rough-draft to get ideaas on it. However, as stated, I need ORIGINAL work and good work. Lastly, APA style!


    Thank you in advance

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