Project 1 You must provide evidence that you have, in an actual or simulated workplace, and on a least one occasion, made meeting arrangements,

Project 1

You must provide evidence that you have, in an actual or simulated workplace, and on a least one occasion, made meeting arrangements, prepared and distributed documentation for a meeting, recorded and despatched minutes from a meeting. Your assessor must ensure that you have access to office equipment and resources.

Complete each of these activities:

  1. Nominate a meeting topic and describe how the meeting will be held; that is, venue, type of meeting, degree of formality etc.
  2. Explain the purpose of the meeting, for example health and safety committee meetings to discuss an incident that has occurred, weekly management meetings to share information about the various departments in the organisation, strategic planning meetings etc.
  3. Are there any legal or ethical issues that need to be considered? List them and explain why they are important.
  4. What are the meeting requirements: venue, times, number of attendees, refreshments, other support requirements? List the requirements and explain why they are necessary. Explain the arrangements you would make, giving reasons for your actions.
  5. What timing issues need to be considered?
  6. Identify and list any special requirements that need to be accommodated.
  7. Advise the participants of the meeting—you might use telephone, email, an electronic noticeboard etc. (Submit a copy of the written notification to your assessor.)
  8. Collect and collate acknowledgements. Submit copies with your portfolio for the assessor.
  9. Prepare any documentation that is required for the meeting. This can include handouts, fact sheets, spreadsheets, agendas, etc. Submit copies of all documents plus the completed agenda to your assessor. Make sure that documentation is accurate, and that the agenda follows an appropriate agenda format.
  10. Distribute documentation that must be read prior to the meeting to participants within designated timelines. Alternately, you might print and prepare the documentation for handing out at the meeting. Make sure you prepare spare sets of documents.
  11. At the meeting:
  • provide minutes from the previous meeting (Submit copies to your assessor)
  • take accurate notes and produce a set of meeting minutes that reflect a true and accurate account of the meeting, and that follow an appropriate format for minutes of meetings (Submit copies to your assessor)
  1. Check the minutes for accuracy, proofread them or have someone else proofread them.
  2. Submit them for approval by the nominated person, then despatch copies of minutes in a timely manner. Ensure that copies are sent to all of the relevant stakeholders.
  3. Explain how you will ensure that documentation and consultation processes are culturally appropriate.
  4. Prepare and present an oral report with a number of defined sections, in order to provide information to someone who was unable to attend. Clarify the points made in the meeting.

You will need to provide documented evidence that you have done these things. Be prepared to demonstrate your skills and answer a range of verbal questions put to you by your assessor. Your assessor will explain the minimum acceptable responses required.

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