Provide comparisons of the invertebrate and vertebrate systems

1) Overview and definition of the immune system. The chart on p 486, Fig 24.1A, “An overview of animal immune systems,” is a good visual to use in the overview.

2) Provide comparisons of the invertebrate and vertebrate systems. You will note that all animals have “innate immunity,” but only vertebrates have “acquired/adaptive immunity.”

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3) Discuss next the lymphatic organ system, which is the organ system that is involved in BOTH innate and acquired immunity.

4) Address the different types and processes of acquired immunity. This will include: response to specific invaders; lymphocytes (humoral immune response and cell mediated response, including Helper T cells and Cytotoxic T cells); antigens (clonal selection process); and antibodies (weapons of humoral immune response). Not necessarily in this order….HINT: Use the Chapter Review, p. 502, to help you organize this section on acquired immunity.

5) Finally, address health issues, which will include “Disorders of the immune system,” pp 500-501 (autoimmune diseases/examples, immunodeficiency diseases/examples, allergies). Give a list and description of each.1

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