Psy 480 Week 2


Select four questions below, as a team discuss and submit a response for each of your selected questions. 

(150 word response per question)


1 Why is assessment needed in   clinical psychology?

2. How are psychological assessment   and psychological testing the same or different?

3. What are the factors that   contribute to effective interviewing?

4. What are the different types of   clinical interviews?

5. What are major threats to   effective interviewing?

6. What are the major methods to   directly observe behavior in an assessment?

7. What are some of the advantages of   checklists and inventories?

8. What are examples of assessment   procedures that measure physiological activity?

9. Why might a psychologist be interested   in assessing physiological activity?

10. About how many sessions does it   take to build rapport?

11. How do you keep yourself calm and   level headed during a crisis interview?

12. What do you do if the patient   refuses to participate in the interview or is uncooperative in other ways?

13. What happens if you misdiagnose?

14. What is cognitive testing?

15. What are the main approaches to   assess intelligence?

16. What is neuropsychological   assessment?

17. What are some of the different   tests used to measure IQ and how are they similar and different?

18. List the major objective and   projective tests used in clinical psychology.

19. Should psychological tests be used   to hire employees? Why or why not?

20. Are psychological tests   appropriate to use with people from ethnically diverse backgrounds?

21. How do psychologists make   decisions based on testing data?

22. How are testing results   communicated to others?

23. Why are multiple approaches to   assessment often advantageous?

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