Psychology assignment – SENSATION AND PERCEPTION



1. Around 5 pages

2. Typed, double-spaced, 10 to 12-point font, 0.5 to 1 inch margins

3. APA format


Topic: How do people perceive color

Around Trichromatic theory, Opponent-process theory of color vision,Trichromatic Theory and color marching experiments, cone responses to light, metamerism…


Your paper should include the following:

A description of the “real world” topic of interest.

A description of the perceptual concept/topic/phenomenon of relevance.

A discussion of how the perceptual concept/topic/phenomenon explains/informs/relates to the “real world” topic of interest. This should be the main part of the paper!

reference section listing research you have cited, including at least three peer-reviewed journal articles.

Your paper should:

Be well-written and free of errors in spelling, grammar, and usage

Be well organized (e.g. intro then main points then conclusion, or some other clear organization)

Make appropriate use of references to peer-reviewed journal articles

Use articles that are relevant to your topic, and accurately represent their findings

Integrate information from your sources to make a coherent argument; do not just list a bunch of disconnected facts

Use the perceptual concept/topic/phenomenon to provide insight into the “real world” topic of interest

Do not plagiarize! Cite your sources and use your own words. If you must quote directly, use quotation marks.

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