Psychology Birth order and personality

Psychology; Birth order and personality
– The term paper should include the following sections: Title page, abstract, body,
conclusion, and references. In the body of the paper, students outline the background literature of the topic and the key concepts related to the topic of interest. The title sheet should present the following details: Title, Student’ first and last name, student’s affiliation (i.e., Vancouver Community College), page number (top right corner) and the running head (top left corner). At the beginning of the body of the paper (i.e., at the introduction of the paper), students are expected to include a thesis statement. The document should contain a conclusion section, where the students are expected to summarize the points that have been expressed in the document.
-Should focus both on the content of paper (“what they write”) and its format (“how they write”). Each paper will be evaluated on the basis of both APA-Style format (10 points) and content (demonstration of a thorough literature search and use of relevant credible research; substantive content; clarity of writing and organization of ideas, such as headings and subheadings; effective analysis and demonstration of critical thinking; 10 points).

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