psychology questions…

Each question should be answered individually and have references to back up… 300 words min each question.
Historical and Cultural Influences of Career Counseling

Identify two ways in which cultural and historical events have influenced the career development field.  In addition, what do you think is influencing career counseling in the present?

Please respond to two classmates asking at least one question to stimulate discussion on the topic.  Possible ideas for responding to your classmates include but are not limited to:  Asking questions for increased insight about the event described, your opinions and insight into the event described, interesting trends about how your event corresponds to the event of your classmate’s. Try to choose events that are different from your classmates.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words.

Critiquing Career Theories

Choose a theory to write about.  Write a few brief sentences about the theory and some of its constructs.  Name two benefits and two places you see this theory could improve and how.  Use at least two references in your response, one may be your textbook. Please try to choose a different theory than your classmates.

Respond to two peers.  Ask questions about what you are not clear on or questions to help the original poster to think more deeply about the theory.  Ideas for your peer responses can include, but are not limited to: Adding to the benefits or areas of improvement, asking the original poster to talk about something more in depth, working from your personal knowledge, asking questions that you think would help in the future with respect to working with this theory in the future. 

Your initial post should be at least 300 words.

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