questions for raising cain book chapter 4 6 |

The attached file is chapter 4-6 of Raising Cain book

Answer each questions below at least 300 words.

  1. According to Kindlon and Thompson, “Boys not only feel the pressure to appear masculine, but they feel that, in doing so, they must be clearly not feminine,” and boys label a host of traits—empathy, compassion, etc.—as feminine. They also say that adolescent boys are almost obsessed with homosexuality and that “’gay’ or ‘fag’ is a constant taunt, whether the boy’s ‘crime’ is his hairstyle, his accent, his clothes, a good grade, or a bad pitch.” Do any of the traits that Kindlon and Thompson mention really have anything to do with femininity or homosexuality? What is the effect of these attitudes, both long term and short term, on boys and men? In other words, how might homophobia and disdain for the feminine shape boys’ lives as they are growing up? Might these attitudes harm or limit them in any way? How would Kindlon and Thompson answer these questions, and what do you think?
  2. Discuss the factors that, according to Kindlon and Thompson, create the “culture of cruelty.” What do you think? Have you experienced the culture of cruelty yourself, and if so, why do you think this culture of cruelty exists? (Is there a parallel culture of cruelty for girls? If so, how is the culture of cruelty for girls different from the culture of cruelty for boys?) Make sure that your answers include some discussion of the text.
  3. In Chapter 5 of Raising Cain, Kindlon and Thompson discuss some of the difficult aspects of father-son relationships in American culture. What are some of the difficulties that males face in their relationships with their fathers? What are the sources of these difficulties? How might a discussion of these difficulties be relevant to your next essay assignment?
  4. Chapter 6 of Raising Cain focuses on the challenges that mothers face in their relationships with their sons. What are some of these challenges, and how do Kindlon and Thompson advise mothers to deal with them? How might our cultural attitudes about gender relate to the topic of mother-son relationships? How might the challenges mothers confront with their sons be related to cultural ideas about gender?
  5. “Beyoncé Is Raising Her Kids without Gender Roles, and She’s Not Alone” and “Raised without Gender” give us a view of what some parents are doing to try to raise their kids without any pressure to conform to gender roles. What do you think of these child-rearing methods? Support your point of view with specific references to the article and the video—and perhaps to Raising Cain. (Also, the parent we get to know in the video “Raised without Gender” is intersex, not transgender. Though there can be some overlap, the two terms do not mean exactly the same thing. If you understand the difference between these two terms, please share your understanding with the rest of us. This distinction will be important in the reading we’ll do at the end of the semester, so it might be a good idea to begin talking about these terms now.)
    links for the article and video:
  6. If you have read the mini-lecture on “Inferences and Assumptions,” try to identify the hidden assumptions in anyone’s arguments about gender. You can use anything that we’ve read for this class, or you can use other arguments about gender that you have read or heard. How does the assumption for an unstated premise in the argument? (Remember that assumptions are unstated. They are ideas people assume are true and thus don’t bother to state.)


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