Questions- Org Learning

Q1:Your company has just switched to using a cloud-based computing platform (Office 365) for some of their word processing. This new system is similar to their previous word processor (Microsoft Word 2016) but some of the buttons are in different places and some of the functions are different. Before the change, each document your company produced took about 3 hours to produce. Is the first document to be produced using this new system likely to take more or less than 3 hours to produce? Why?

Q2:One of the reasons for making the change described in question 1 was the hope that the new collaboration features would allow for quicker document creation as multiple people can work on the document at the same time. The Boston office reported that the progress ratio on document creation on the old system was 93% and on the new system it is 85%.

(a) What is a progress ratio? (10 points)

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(b) What do the two progress ratios from the Boston office mean? What can you expect about your firm’s efficiency over time if the progress ratios you get are similar? (10 points)

Q3:Lieutenant Moody leads a robbery unit in the Providence Police Department and has three detectives working for her. She is working on a case where there are three suspects for the robbery. Each detective from her team has interviewed one of the suspects, and LT Moody has interviewed witnesses. Between them, they possess the clues they need to identify the real suspect. What can LT Moody and her team do to increase the likelihood of sharing information and identifying the real perpetrator?

Q4:Tesla Motors has taken over the old Nummi facility and have begun manufacturing the Tesla Model S and Model 3 in this factory. They have hired many of the manufacturing workers who were previously at Nummi as well as a number of technology specialists who will be assisting with the complex robotics used on the production line.

(a) What type of knowledge is embedded in the manufacturing employees? (10 points)

(b) Tesla has begun trying to re-create the project teams that existed in Nummi for the manufacturing workers by putting those workers who had worked together previously on the same team. Why might they be doing this? (10 points)

(c) What type of knowledge is embedded in the technology specialists? (10 points)

(d) Describe three ways that Tesla could try and ensure that individual’s knowledge doesn’t leave the organization. By this I mean that the organization maintains access to the knowledge and insight that these individuals have. (15 points)

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