The short answer questions can be answered in one paragraph (approximately 5 sentences). The short essay can be answered in 2 paragraphs (5 sentences each paragraph. Students must support their responses by citing their sources in the body of the response.(either the text or other reading and learning materials provided in the modules.) Include a reference page for sources cited.

1. Give an example of four of the six fundamental parenting tasks presented in Chapter 1. How are child-rearing practices changing over time, or in what ways do parents differ from one another? What are the sources of those changes or differences? 10 pts

2. Why is the current study of parenting practices described as heterogeneous? 5 pts

3. Select 3 of the major theories of parent child relationships and discuss the strengthens and/or weaknesses of each (10 pts.)

4. What is the definition of a competent child? What characteristics of children make them more resilient so they remain on positive trajectories-despite problems around them? 10 pts

5. Describe the three types of roles parents can have with their children’s developmental trajectories. Give an example of each. 10 pts

6. Identify three central parental characteristics that are related to child rearing. Provide an example of each. 5 pts

7. Identify the four well documented stable child characteristics that are determinants of parenting. 5 pts

8. Discuss some of the factors involved in transitioning to parenthood? Why might marital satisfaction tend to decrease after the birth of a child. What family processes are at work? (10pts)

9. Where does America rank among other nations in with regards to infant mortality? What accounts for that ranking and how can it be reduced. 5 pts

10. What can parents do to promote their child’s brain development? Provide two examples at each age period. Finally, name the three key brain processes. 5pts

11. Discuss some of the behaviors involved in forming healthy attachments with a child. 5 pts

12. Identify three family characteristics that increase the risk of child behavior problems. 5 pts..

13. Describe how parents act to ensure their child’s academic success 5 pts

14. Are all children negatively affected by marital conflicts? What behavior changes can occur after a divorce? What are some of the variable that reduce or exacerbate the effects on children (10 pts)

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