quiz 3

Czech New Wave

How did state ownership of the Czech film industry help filmmakers in the 1960s? 1 point

Why did this change at the end of the 1960s, and how did this effect Czechoslovak filmmakers? 2 points

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What were the three main styles of films that characterize Czech New Wave cinema? 1 point

Give an example from any of the clips in the lecture, or from the film Pearls of the Deep that you think exemplifies the Czech New Waves subversive use of humor or absurdity to critique society or the State. 1 point

Italian Auteurism

What were the most popular genres in Italian cinema during the 1960s? 1 point

What stylistic elements characterize the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, and what major themes was he interested in exploring? 1 point

Describe Pasolinis pastiche technique and what it was used for. 1 point

What qualities characterize the films of Fellini after 1960, and give an example of those qualities in the film 8 . 2 points

New German Cinema

What were Heimatfilm and how were they regarded (what was their reputation)? 1 point

What was the difference between the way that the Kuratorium financially supported filmmakers in Germany, and how the FFC financially supported filmmakers in Germany? 1 point

What was the role of TV in supporting the New German Cinema? 1 point

Many New German filmmakers were influenced by the playright Bertolt Brecht what kinds of techniques did filmmakers take from him and why? 1 point

How does the film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul critique German society? Give specific examples from the film to back up your answer (specific scenes or sequences, elements of the film characters, cinematography, etc.) 2 points

Soviet Thaw and Stagnation

How did the film industry change during the thaw period? 1 point

What struggles did filmmakers face during the Stagnation period and how did they deal with/react to them? 1 point

What was the double standard that applied to Auteur filmmakers and films produced in the USSR during the stagnation period and why did this double standard exist? 1 point

Why was Auteur filmmaking distrusted and discouraged in the USSR? 1 point

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