Inform me of your case study and raise your question.

Remember, a case study is a real event that actually happened. You are to use the case study you have chosen to raise an ethical question or dilemma.

You must write clearly and distinctly, with proper grammar and a properly formatted works cited page or bibliography (or both).

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You must properly cite sources both in the body of the paper and have a properly formatted Works Cited page. These citation methods must match one another. If you find any of your material online (that is, in a journal aggregate site like JSTOR) you must provide a working hyperlink to that information on the works cited page. If you do not know how to do these things, there are resources for your aid on campus, and I have linked Purdue’s Online Writing Lab in the Useful Resources for the Semester tab.

After reading this paper I should be familiar with the details of the case that you wish to argue about, and clearly know what question you wish to address in your second paper.

You must properly inform me of all relevant details of the particular case, as well as the details of the general area of interest that would pertain to your specific case (things such as laws of the country in which the case takes place, other cases that would have been similar, particular traditions that pertain to the individuals, etc.)

Remember, I despise “intellectual throat clearing,” unfounded claims, and ambiguous language in formal papers. If you are having trouble meeting the word count, seek out more facts about the case study in question, do not add fluff.

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