requirement the paper must be double spaced 1 inch margins 12 size font times new roman and the pages must be numbered it must include a cover sheet for all material that you have researched you must include citations throughout the body of the

Peter Luger owns a sports bar called “Lugers Sports Bar and Grill” in New York City. His bar is about ten years old and has a maximum capacity for about 75 people. It’s well known and is very prestigious to many patrons who dine there. Mr. Luger is in need of a new bartender that can work late shifts and closing hours. He has four applicants that may or may not fit the application requirements.

  • The first applicant, John, is 25 years old, energetic, a college graduate, has his own transportation, has experience working in a restaurant and is ready to take on any challenge, but he is high- tempered and has little to no experience working with alcohol.
  • The second applicant, Scott, is 35 years old, energetic, very communicable with others, has a high tolerance for when problems arise, is a college graduate, has a degree in business and economics and is some-what knowledgeable of alcoholic beverages and how to run a bar.
  • The third applicant, Megan, is 23 years old, just finished college, very energetic, very friendly with others, was very active in school and the community and was class valedictorian, but she has never worked in either restaurants or bars and has no experience in alcoholic beverages.
  • The fourth applicant, Allison, is 40 years old, very communicable with others, has a high tolerance for when problems arise, is knowledgeable in liquors, spirits and wines, has an advanced certification in wines and spirits education, has a college degree in hospitality and foodservice management and has had previous experience working in a bar.

Based on the resources provided this week and any additional research you conduct; which person would you choose knowing that the economic status is doing very poorly and most people are in need of a job (and he/she would be the best “fit” for your operation)?
Why would or wouldn’t you hire them?


The paper must be double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 size font, Times New Roman, and the pages must be numbered. It must include a cover sheet. For all material that you have researched, you must include citations throughout the body of the paper, as well as a reference page in MLA format.


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