Research paper sentence structure and content development assistance. Introduction:

Research paper sentence structure and content development assistance.


This research paper is about Education in prison as it is the fundamental right for every child to get at least a basic education. Education is the key to the future as doors of opportunities are opened and barriers closed.

America has the largest prison population in the world, with more than 2.2 million inmates in federal, state and local facilities (Maximino, July 2014). According to (Bender, March 2018): In 2016, the Vera Institute of Justice reported that only 35 percent of state prisons provide college-level courses, and these programs only serve 6 percent of incarcerated individuals nationwide.

If one is educated the become productivity citizens, contribute to their communities, and economic growth. With that begin said, prisons in America should be used an institution for reform. Most incarcerated people enter the prison system with education deficits.

By investing in a prison education, this will be beneficial for the inmate to re-enter back into their community has productive citizens. Today, many ex-offenders struggle to reintegrate into their communities and face significant challenges in re-entering the job market due to lack of skills and a limited education.

According to Kathryn Hanson and Deborah Stipek (2014): Nationally, 68 percent of all males in prison do not have a high school diploma. The problem most states are facing today is, they are spending more money on prisons than early childhood educations and K-12. The average cost of incarcerating an American prisoner varies from state to state. For example, Indiana spends about 

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