research with citation and websites please explain the topic 200 word. Thanks!!

Unit 3 Discussion

Anthropogenically induced Climate Change or Global Warming endured many years of controversy before gaining widespread public acceptance despite the accumulation of substantial data and developing theories.

  1. What evidence or data do you think is the most conclusive or convincing and why?
  2. Which impact will have the most detrimental effect on our area and why?
  3. What are possible solutions to remedy your chosen impact

You shall be assessed on the following:

  • Your initial response should be posted at least three days before the due date.
  • The initial post should fully address and explain all aspects of the topic.
  • The initial post should be at least 200 words with attention to spelling and grammar.
  • You should include any websites or citations you incorporated in your post.
  • Respond to at least two other student to elaborate or enrich the discussion, and foster a conversation.
  • Replies to other students should be at least 30 words with attention to spelling and grammar.

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