response essay of roughly 250-500 words

could you write an response essay of roughly 250-500 words after reading the article I attached  , by explain and write as much as details do you have , but please DO NOT copy , paste , or piligrasim  ..

Read “the philosopher’s brief” on page 661 of the Bioethics text. What is the central argument and how is the claim made? Do you agree or disagree and why or why not? Use specific examples, textual support, and solid argumentation in your response essay of roughly 250-500 words.

after you finish the response please answer these questions by small essay , please write your opinion without copy or paste or  piligrasim


What is Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act? Give at least one common defense of it and one common objection to it.


What is Judith Jarvis Thompson’s main claim in her “defense of abortion” (cont. issues in bioethics, page 353) and why is it a good or bad argument? Give specific arguments, textual support, and examples in support of your position.

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