A topic that is feel is important and that is too often overlooked is hospice care.  Specifically the families of the hospice patients.  I would target the hospice care facilities, the employees, and the on site family members.  This program would be ongoing because of the constant change in patients.  

The program would provide information about what to expect for your family member that is in hospice.  It would include information about what the body does when it is preparing to die, what to look for and what to be aware of.  I would like to provide coping strategies.  This could include depression treatment program suggestions or meditation techniques.  

I would hold the gatherings within the hospice facilities and would expect the cost to be minimal.  The budget could be as low as $200 a meeting depending on what food and beverages would be provided.  The revenue would come from referrals.  Families that see the true value in this service and gained from it will be likely to recommend the facility to others.  

Hospice care is to provide end of life care for its patients but the families that are affected are just as important.  They need support, honesty and information to guide them through the difficult time of losing a loved one.  

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