rubric below i need someone who knows everything about durkheimian marxian and weberian

I need someone who knows everything about Durkheimian, Marxian, and Weberian!!!!!

Purpose: To show mastery of sociological theory by applying the three studied theoretical paradigms (Convergence – i.e., Durkheimian, Conflict/Capitalism – i.e., Marxian, Formal Action towards Goals/Formal Organizations – Weberian) to contemporary society. The focus of this paper will be on contemporary education and how the differing paradigms would make sense of why we get educated and why massive institutions are built to maintain and support the pursuit of education.


  1. Will need to choose TWO of the perspectives listed from our 3 covered in class (and listed above) in order to compare and contrast possible social explanations.
  2. Imagine that you are one of the key theorists in two of the above perspectives who has come back to life and has been given the task of making sense of our contemporary approach to education. In other words, what would the theorist say about the state of education in the US today?
  3. Will need to make a compelling argument from one of the positions but also will need to make at least one countering argument from another position, as well. Ultimately, in your paper, after you clearly present arguments from one perspective, then, a counter argument from another perspective, at the end, you will pick one that makes the better case for you.
  4. Be creative and open to a range of possible ways to approach education. You could look at educational structure or the kinds of degrees provided. You could look at the process of getting the education or the how the institutions are set up (students, teachers, administration, differing offices, etc.). You can look at the use of new technologies and new ways of pedagogy (teaching and delivery of the materials). You could look at the cost of education including not only tuition but also everything else (books, living, rent, transportation, etc.)
  5. Paper needs to be 3-4 pages (minimum 1000 words to 1300 words)
  6. Must have two citations from our primary readings (using the primary readings that are provided in our text). Citations must help to support the point that you are making. Given that this is a short paper, do not use a long quote. If it is a longer passage, try to paraphrase it but also cite it.

Citations must use the correct ASA citation format


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