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Principles Of Communication


Communication is vital in any level of society including both casual and professional situations. Efficiency and success in any professional field require effective communication. It is for this reason that professionalism and communication must go hand in hand.


My understanding of the term ‘professionalism’ is the conduct that is expected of every professional or rather every skilled person in their given area of specialization. Such conduct entails such mannerisms as etiquette, strict code of ethics, a demeanor that exudes confidence, effective communication, among several others. For instance, as a student, a certain code of conduct is expected of me in such areas as class attendance and academic integrity, which entails my professionalism.


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Professional Communication

Communication is an integral part of professionalism. My understanding is that a certain type of communication is expected in a given workplace for smooth operations. This is referred to as professional communication. It entails a wide range of communication means such as oral, digital, visual or even written. It also entails certain characteristics such as clarity and accuracy. A great example is an internal memo that is circulated through the school from the dean to the students informing them of an upcoming event. Reports are also important and are submitted after research is conducted in a certain field, and they could either be oral or written reports. Another important type of professional communication is letter writing which requires good diction and high clarity.

            Learning about communication has been a very eye-opening and informative experience. Although I communicate on a daily basis, there are many aspects of communication that I was not very well versed with. Such include significant listening skills, careers in communication, and professional communication. I would single out these as the most useful in my case, although it is important to state that generally, all the aspects I learned were equally important to me. I have come to the realization that I do not always accord my friends the best listening skills. There are many times when I interrupt them mid-speech and on other occasions listen to them absent-mindedly. I was also intrigued by the career paths that communication can lead one towards. One that particularly intrigued me was becoming a public relations specialist. Finally, I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from professional communication will guide me smoothly throughout my career ensuring my success.

            There is no doubt that I have gained a great deal of personal growth from this class. I recall learning at the beginning of the class that communication stretches through all fields of life and that it is the most essential aspect for the wellbeing and thriving of society. All the knowledge I have gained is a confirmation of this fact and it has culminated in me being a better person. Personally, the areas that I felt the most personal growth, was in listening skills. Giving people an ear and putting effort to understand the point that they are putting across is very important. I believe this will go a long way in improving my relations with other people.

            Among the skills that I have acquired in this class include how to express myself clearly through both verbal and non-verbal means, listening skills, professional communication, as well as choosing appropriate means of communication in different settings. Therefore, I can now accurately incorporate gestures and facial expressions while having casual conversations with my friends and fellow students. Understanding what I am being told is also much easier now due to the essential listening skills I gained. In professional contexts, I can communicate effectively whether it is in letters, memos, emails, or even reports.



It is clear that life would be much better with better communication. All the chaos that arises from simple misunderstandings would be a thing of the past. We would also attain greater world peace. I now have the necessary communication skills and knowledge that will continually make my life better b­­­­­­­oth at a personal and professional level.


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