Science questions unit 2 and 3

1.)Explain how a forest fire could lead to mass wasting.

2.)Discuss the three different paths that water could take once it falls in the form of precipitation.

3.)Why is wind erosion more effective in deserts than in more humid regions?

4.)Briefly describe the formation of a natural levee.

5.)When examining the geology of a region for potential useable aquifers, what characteristics, or factors would you consider? Discuss at least three environmental concerns related to groundwater.

6.)Briefly describe what happens at a subduction zone

7.)Explain how an accretionary wedge forms.

8.)What is a hot spot? Explain how this forms a volcanic island chain such as that of the Hawaiian Islands.

9.)The Ural Mountains are about the same age as the Appalachian mountains of eastern North America. How does the theory of plate tectonics explain the existence of this mountain belt in the interior of an expansive continental landmass? Compare and contrast the formation of the Ural and Appalachian mountains, given their similar age.

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