SEC280 Week 5 Quiz latest 2016 (All Correct)

Question1. Question :(TCO 6) In terms of physical security, _____ refers to protecting important assets by using several perimeters.layered accessmultifactor access controldual authenticationan intrusion-detection systemQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 6) Which of these, according to this chapter, is not a step that can be taken to help mitigate physical security risk?All users need security training.Electronic physical security systems need to be protected from network-based attacks.Authentication systems should use multiple factors when feasible.Constantly monitor all employees via camera.Question 3. Question :(TCO 6) The best fire extinguisher for petroleum products is a _____.Class AClass BClass CClass DQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 6) _____ are computers in a network that host applications and data for everyone to share.Linux boxesServersFirewallsCryptographiesQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 6) A virtual private network (VPN) is a construct used to provide _____.users with an individual web space on the networkan area of relaxation for employeesa secure communication channel between users across public networks, such as the Interneta learning area for programming languagesQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 6) Media can be divided into three categories: _____.paper, plastic, and clothmagnetic, optical, and electronicconfidential, integrity, and authorityred, yellow, and blueQuestion 7. Question :(TCO 6) _____ are types of magnetic media.CDR, CDRW, and DVDLinux, Windows, and OracleHard drives, diskettes, and tapesKeyboards, mice, and monitorsQuestion 8. Question :(TCO 6) Which of the following is not a component of an IDS?Traffic collectorSignature databaseExpert-knowledge databaseUser interface and reportingQuestion 9. Question :(TCO 6) A new breed of IDS that is designed to identify and to prevent malicious activity from harming a system is called _____.preemptive IDSpreventive IDSactive IDSdynamic IDSAQuestion 10. Question :(TCO 6) Egress filtering _____.scans incoming mail to catch SPAMscans outgoing mail to catch SPAMscans messages for specific words or phrasesfilters out POP traffic 

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