Select a future date and time in the evening for

Select a future date and time in the evening for an observing activity. Use a planetarium to determine what astronomical objects will be available in the night sky on that date. Select the Moon, a visible, and two constellations as your observation target objects. Record the expected direction of sky that the planetarium program indicates where these four targets will be. If the Moon is not currently visible during the week, you may select another planet or another constellation. Include any information asked on the observation chart. On the planned date and time, go outside and attempt to observe your four target objects. Are they located where the planetarium program predicted? Record what objects you observe and state the visible phase of the Moon. If you were unable to observe any particular observation target, explain why you think you were unable to see those observation targets. In a paragraph, discuss the ease or difficulty you had completing this assignment. Did you have a favorite aspect of this assignment

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