Assignment 3: Essay: Self-confidence

Part I:

Compare and contrast Bandura’s (1997) self-efficacy theory and Vealey’s (2008) sport confidence model. Provide examples from sport and/or cite research to support your answer. Follow APA guidelines for writing and citing sources.

Part II:

Imagine that you are a sport psychologist working with a professional team. You have identified confidence as being a major contributor to the athletes’ success and have decided to focus your consulting efforts on enhancing each athlete’s level of sport confidence. Applying Vealey’s (2008) model of sport confidence presented in this module, describe what actions you would take to help the athletes be more confident in the ability to achieve their goals. In your answer, be sure to create a hypothetical team in a sport of your choice and provide specific examples and details to illustrate your understanding of the model’s implications for athletes.

Write your answers in a 2–3-page essay and present it in Microsoft Word document format. 

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