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I Got Sand in my Boots


You open the center desk drawer and pull out your personal log book. Continuing your duties on the ship, you prepare another record of your tasks. Take a moment to reflect on some of the tasks you completed this leg of the trip. You climb up to the crow’s nest and have a look across the horizon. You see a cruise ship in the distant northwest. You must be close to getting back to Florida, you should check with the Captain to find out if you’re in the Carribean Sea.


Your days on the ship are numbered; the ship should be pulling into port very soon. Over the weeks of being away, you’ll notice the beach is slowly eroding away. Carefully consider what could be eroding the beach and what you can do to help restore the it.

List and describe one process for each of the following sources that could be eroding the beach.

  • onshore, naturally occurring on land or around the shoreline
  • offshore, naturally occurring out at sea, away from the shoreline
  • anthropogenic, influenced or altered by people

Read about beach renourishment on the Florida Departement of Environmental Protection website. How much does a beach renourishment cost? In your opinion, is beach renourishment effective in decreasing beach erosion and worth the investment? Explain your reasoning.


Your journal entry should be at least 250 words. Cite all your sources of information.

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