Solution-Consumption of alcohol contribute to weight gain

This is for a Human Bio course. Any help would be appreciated! Need this asap. Within the next hour or so.

1. How do liver cells make an enzyme like alcohol dehydrogenase?

2. Can one individual make more alcohol dehydrogenase than another? How would this happen? What organelles are involved in the synthesis of alcohol dehydrogenase?

3. How can mitochondria in the liver cells indirectly contribute to the production of this or any other enzyme? What do they make that is used to make the enzyme?

4. How can the consumption of alcohol contribute to weight gain?

5. Does alcohol tolerance have anything to do with enzymes?

6. Does alcohol go straight into your stomach or your cells? We know that molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, describe how molecules get into cells. First describe the plasma membrane of the liver cells. How do molecules cross this membrane?

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