Solution-How science has contributed to advance in given

Write a paper about a biological topic of your choice or interest, use diverse sources. Use your own words; “copy-paste” work will be penalized.

Explain all biological aspects about the topic and make sure you aIDress the following questions:

-What make you interested in this topic?
-Overall importance of the topic
-How science has contributed to advance in that topic? (if that is the case)
-How do you see the future on this topic?
-For a disease: incidence in the population, treatments, symptoms, etc

-Make a cover page with your name, title and any other info
-The last page will be for listing the bibliography used (your sources): internet, magazines, newspapers, books, etc
-1.5 space, times new roman 12, minimum 1.5 page and 750 words, maximum 2 pages.
-If you are not sure if your selected topic is OK, please contact me.

Some suggestions for the topics:

• Emergent infectious diseases: Zika, ebola, measles, HIV, MERS, H7N7 influenza, Chikungunya virus, tuberculosis, “super bugs”, etc
• Biotechnology; stem cell research, cloning, etc
• Nutrition and healthy lifestyle: vegetarian diet, whole food vs processed food, obesity; diabetes, organic farming, nutritional supplements, exercising, prevention of diseases, etc
• Ecology: pollution; threatening for biological species, recycling, environmental consciousness, renewable sources of energy, deforestation in the Amazon, etc
• Global warming; Sustainability
• Genetic-modified organisms (GMO), controversy about it
• Technological advances in science and medicine, impact of technology, pros and cons
• Drug abusing effects
• Medical marijuana (please, use serious sources!)
• Children vaccination safety controversy
• Aging
• Human diseases: genetic, infectious, CANCER, etc. Other examples: Autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, depression, etc
• Animal behavior, animal diseases, animal protection, research using animals to model human diseases, etc

Nobel prizes: research a Nobel prize that interested you, describe all about the discovery, relevance, etc.

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