Solution-Number the functional areas of the brain

Brain Mapping


1. Lay the swim cap on a flat surface, or you may choose to ask a volunteer to put it on while you map.

2. Outline and label the following lobes:

  • Frontal
  • Temporal
  • Parietal
  • Occipital

3. On the left side of the swim cap, outline the following structures:

  • Area Brocca
  • Area Tertia Optica
  • Area Wernicke
  • Cerebellum
  • Pars Triangularis
  • Pars Opercularis
  • Postcentral Gyrus
  • Precentral Gyrus
  • Premotor Cortex
  1. Number the functional areas of the brain according to the following legend. Refer to Figure 8 for help. 1 = Auditory Cortex (right-ear) 2 = Auditory Cortex (left-ear) 3 = Broca’s Area4 = Touch 5 = Visual Cortex (right-field) 6 = Visual Cortex (left-field) 7 = Wernicke’s Area8 = Writing
  2. Take a few pictures of your swim cap and submit the image to your professor. Be sure to capture each angle of the swim cap to ensure that all of the information is conveyed through your pictures. Post-Lab Question

1. Describe the function of three areas of the brain

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