Solution-What were your results, What were your results?

Discussion Topic

Older people die for a number of reasons: cancer, heart failure, complications due to diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, etc. Often times, the way we live our lives affect not only how long we live but what we die from. Go to following website and complete the short survey: The Longevity Game (–lifeevents– longevity (Links to an external site.)). You should also remember what the average life span is as well as don’t rely too much on the game when it says you are living a healthy life.

    • What were your results? Don’t be surprised if you get 5 stars, I am more interested in your years.
    • Based on your readings this unit what factors do you think influenced the calculation of your life span and why?
    • What changes can you make to improve your life span?
  • Choose two common illnesses that older people die from and using your book or another source, explain how your lifestyle currently affects your risk of dying from these two diseases. Be specific!

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