Stratford Brazils Olympics Economic Indicators Case Study Activity 2

Share your initial table from the task and the economic indicators for each member’s chosen site. Discuss the implications of each and how they influenced your decision of site.

Activity 2 Economic Indicators Case Study

The Olympics are scheduled to be held in Brazil. You are the owners of a business that sells t shirts and other trade marked items at these major events. You have already invested a large amount of money into preparation including product, set up, and fees. However, the Zika virus is threatening to disrupt the participation. As a team investigate the issues surrounding the Olympics, Zika virus, and the effect it will have on the economy.

Activity 3 – Project

Design an infographic that compares the exchange rates for the countries to that of the United States (or other developed country).

  1. For information on IMF and exchange rates see the resources.
  2. Design an infographic to show the exchange rates in these developing (or undeveloped) countries to the US (if you are outside the US you may use your own country if it is a developed country or another major developed country that influences your business).
    1. You can investigate other infographics online through an internet search to help you envision your own. However, yours must be original and specific to the countries you have chosen.
    2. This is your first infographic and will later become part of the whole package of infographics you complete for the final project.

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