Stratford University Political Conditions Currency & Exchange Rates Paper

Choose a company (current company in a developed country or your own company) and two possible developing countries in different parts of the world where you could relocate.

  1. In order to make the decision, you will want to conduct an initial investigation of several possible locations. Focus on the:
  1. Location and description of the country (if it is a large country, you can limit your choice to a specific location)
  2. Possible resources in the area, including labor and natural resources;
  3. Availability of transportation for products and materials
  4. Political conditions in the country
  5. Culture or cultures in the country

2, Currency and Exchange Rates

Learn about exchange rates and foreign market economy by working through the Khan Academy video tutorials. There are 9 videos in the series.


Make the information into a table that you can easily use later for the infographics and to make your decision.

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