Stratford University Southwest Airline Business Competitive Strategy Paper

Investigate HR policies to prevent or mitigate loss and ensure business continuity.

This includes investigating policies and issues surrounding:

                    • Personnel risk (fraud and error), Physical assets (business 
environments), Relationships (lawsuits), External/regulatory 
(external fraud)
                    • Watch Human Resource Fundamentals (Lynda)
                    • Review FMLA Essentials (LIRN)
                    • Investigate compensation laws, including types of employees, primary 
duty, executive exemption, administrative exemption, professional exemption, computer employee, and sales employee. Social Security, unemployment insurance, workers compensation
                        • (provides list of links for multiple areas of compensation)
                    • Investigate child labor laws. While these will often vary in other countries, many companies follow their home country policy unless it is less restrictive.
                        • and
                    • What are the laws surrounding equal pay and minimum wage? What happens when you do business or open a branch of the company overseas?
                        • and
                    • Retirement Equity Act and COBRA
                        • US Department of Labor- COBRA
                        • Retirement Equity Act and COBRA
                    • Medical Insurance, Medicare, and ACA
                        • ACA

2. Create Napkin Pitches

This will allow you a quick way to summarize the new concepts and communicate it consistently to stakeholders. (See Step 10 for detailed directions)

            • Choose one of you concepts and lay it out as a napkin pitch
            • Watch Communicating with Confidence (Lynda)
            • Watch Giving an Elevator Pitch (Lynda)

3. Upload a recorded Napkin Pitch or Present your Napkin Pitch live to your instructor.

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