Strengthening Others for Team Excellence

1. Provide an overview of at least three key concepts and practices in your Reading and identify the relationship between the information in Northouse (2016), and Kouzes and Posner (2017) as they relate to group dynamics and cohesiveness. 2. Explain the importance of sharing the vision and getting the team involved. You will need to provide at least three examples that you have either experienced or researched that exemplify this importance and support these examples with at least three academically credible sources. 3. Explain the differences and similarities of virtual and non-virtual teams. You will need to identify at least three best practices for creating cohesion in both team environments. 4. Articulate the importance of communication, conflict resolution, and geographical issues and the roles they play in effectively leading teams. 5. Demonstrate and evaluate how specific leadership theories and practices can enhance group and team dynamics. 6. Summarize the key learning lessons that you took from this Assignment that will enhance your ability to become a more effective leader who can enhance group and team dynamics in order to achieve organizational goals

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