Stress management presentation

I have attached the area of evaluation that will be based on. nothing much just make it with easy common words 5 minutes long . state the points on the powerpoint and then down on the notes write down what i’m supposed to say but please make it simple and straight to the point following all the instrections

The presentation needs to be 10 minutes in length and should visually explain your Stress Management Research Paper. Your presentation also needs to include a teaching demonstration of one of the stress management techniques that you selected in your paper (for 5 minutes or less). Be creative and use visuals in PowerPoint form. Visual aids will be needed to receive full credit for the final presentation. Please explain the components of what was written in your research paper in a clear, organized format. Please let me know ahead of time if you have special circumstances. Presentations and demonstrations must be given on the day assigned. Please submit your presentation online on Canvas on the day of your presentation.

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