Subcutaneous injections and infection control

Subcutaneous injections and infection control

This is a case study for nursing unit Formation based learning, below is the question needing to be answered. When answering the questions please use scholarly peer reviewed literature that is referenced correctly as this paper will be submitted through a plagiarism detector. Please use APA 6th edition referencing with both direct and paraphrasing techniques (more so paraphrasing). The word limit is 850 words and this excludes the bibliography. (So 850+ bibliography)
This case study needs to be flawless with spelling, with clear and concise writing that answers the questions as well as shows a good understanding of the topic and literature.
Please contact me if there is anything in need of discussion
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You are on clinical placement with your clinical teacher. You are undertaking your parenteral skills competency. The order is to give 25 units of Lantus (insulin). You have gathered all your equipment, explained the procedure and gained consent from your patient and are just about to inject. Just prior to your injecting the insulin your clinical teacher asks you:
?Do you need to swab the skin when giving a subcutaneous injection??

Part A: What does the current evidenced based practice literature suggest in regards to preparing the skin for a subcutaneous injection (s/c)?

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Part B: Choose either to swab the skin or not swab the skin before you give the s/c injection

If you chose to swab the skin prior to the s/c injection €“ rationalise why you did
If you chose not to swab the skin prior to s/c injection ? rationalise why you did not

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