Successful Web Site design & Tracking and Analysis

Topic(s) = Successful Web Site design & Tracking and Analysis

Textbooks =

Wiley Pathways E-Business

Greg Holden (Chicago, Illinois), Shannon Belew, Joel Elad, Jason R. Rich with Don Gulbrandsen

March 2008, ©2008

Learning Objectives =

Identify techniques and tools that can be used to evaluate the driving forces of eCommerce

Readings =

Chapter 12: Successful Web Site Design

Chapter 13: Tracking and Analyzing Customer Data

Assignment(s) =

(1)Discussion Board Activity Post. Respond in 3-4 well researched short paragraphs.

(a) Discuss your first impression of, an online photo management site. Base your impression on the site’s structure, as well as the site’s use of color, font, images, and media.

(b) Though many customers dislike the use of cookies, many Web site owners continue to utilize them. Explain how the information gathered by a cookie can benefit an e-business.

Support your view with evidence, explanations and credible references.


(2)Week 7 Homework Assignment:

(a) As the owner of an online surfing gear business, you periodically study the customer paths on your site. This week you’ve noticed a high percentage of customers abandoning their orders at checkout. Outline the possible reasons as well as how you would correct the problem. Do some web research first and be as specific as possible.

Response should be no less than two pages, supported with credible references and submitted in a APA format. Outside references are required.  Please cite any outside sources you use, such as financial projections, etc. in APA style.

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