Suffolk Beauty Academy Individual Assignment – Ariba Case Study Assignment


The spreadsheet format is shown in Exhibit 8 of the Ariba case study. The data for the spreadsheet is provided in exhibits 5, 6 and 7. Along with your spreadsheet, provide any related graphs used for earned value analysis. Please submit your assignment using MS Excel which will allow for determination of the cause for any issues.

Submit your assignment into the link in week 2.

Your team should choose only one of the spreadsheets for submission in the Ariba case presentation.

Here are some answers to typical questions asked about this assignment.

Q, What are the numbers of the rolling status or it will be the same with the Monthly status?

A. The rolling status is the cumulative total. Thus, for month 1 there is a total, for month 2, the cumulative total is month 1 + month 2. Month 3 is the total of months 1.2 and 3 and so forth.

Q. How do I get the numbers for the combined project?

A. The combined project is the sum of the technical infrastructure and software customization.

Q. What graphs are important to plot?

A. Generally, the cumulative (rolling status) index graphs are valuable since they show trends. Some show the EV and PV graphs. Look for graphs that will help you and your team develop supporting data for your analysis and presentation.

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