The Breakfast Club movie assignment.

Need this by 4 hours. 


answer the following questions, making sure to refer to specific examples/scenes from the movie to support your conclusions:

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    1. Which of the characters from the movie had the most accurate self-concept?
    2. Which character was most self-aware?
    3. Which character had the largest “Open Self?”
    4. Which character had the largest “Hidden Self?”
    5. Which character had the largest “Blind Self?”
    6. Which character had the highest self-esteem?
    7. Which character had the lowest self-esteem?
    8. Which characters inappropriately self-disclosed personal information?
    9. Which character most directly exhibited the self-fulfilling prophecy?

Each of these nine questions should require approximately one paragraph.  Be sure to supply specific examples from the movie to connect to your response and the respective concept.

After you post your responses to these questions, respond to at least two people who disagree with at least two of your conclusions and continue the discussion

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